Skate Metaverse is a brand-new WEB 3 lifestyle application that combines NFT, DeFi, and Game-fi components in order to provide its customers with an experience that is really breathtaking. You may receive your ticket into the SMC metaverse and get started on your skating voyage by purchasing a roller-skate NFT. You may either engage in fierce competition to make it to the top of the leaderboards in Skating or you can just enter the Metaverse to live out your skating adventure. You may use the platform's DeFi products to generate money in a variety of various ways, including by staking your tokens and NFTs. We provide our members with a broad variety of opportunities to make money, including the following: ● Staking with a high yield, encompassing both LP farms and stake farms ● Participants equip themselves with the roller-skates that are provided as NFTs. You may choose to keep the in-game currency you earn from Skating, which is denoted by the currency symbol $SMC, or you can cash it out for real money. ● Proceeds from the selling and acquisition of NFTs ● Skate to the top of the scoreboard to earn rewards. In the near future, the Skate Metaverse team plans to deliver further games depending on the reactions received from the market.
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