Q: How to join SMC presale?
Answer: We will launch the SMC presale on pinksale.
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    How to join the presale on pinksale:
Q: How do I buy SMC?
Answer: You can buy SMC on Pinksale or on Pancakeswap.
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    How to buy SMC on pancakeswap:
Q: Is SMC valuable?
A: SMC has a healthy economic model which makes the market value of the token continue to go up.
Q: What are the advantages of this economic model?
A: The unique economic model will keep the eternal positive development of the Skate Metaverse.
Q: When will the NFT be released?
A: It may be released in late July, and then skate to earn gameplay will be released. Please look for the official announcement.
Q: When will the APP/game be launched?
A: We expect to launch it in September.
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