LP Farm is going to automatically generate a big number of $SMC rewards on a daily basis. These rewards are going to be given to those who stake BNB/SMC LP in order to establish a robust liquidity pool for the project. The sooner you place a stake and the fewer individuals who participate, the more $SMC you will get. How to create and stake BNB/SMC liquidity pool? If you want to create a BNB/SMC LP and stake it on the DApp, follow the procedures in this video: Ember video:​
➤ Increase your LP: You have the ability to stake additional LPs at any moment depending on the initial LP amount, and the income will be determined using a method that takes into account a weighted average.
➤ Unstake the LP: At any point in time, the LP may be unstaked. In the event that you unstaked the LP, there are two possible outcomes: - If the staking period does not surpass 12 hours, all profits made using SMC would be removed. - The SMC profits will be kept if the total amount of time spent staking is higher than or equal to 12 hours. ➤ Collect your SMC reward After staking LP, you have to wait 12 hrs before you can collect your SMC payout. E.G.: You will be entitled to the reward for 15 hours of staking it if you claim it after that amount of time has passed.
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